Reformer Pilates

The B Active Reformer Pilates studio is a place where you can enjoy a complete wellness experience. We will be offering 28+ classes per week suited to all abilities and fitness levels.

Reformer Pilates is designed for all fitness and ability levels. Using spring-loaded resistance on a reformer bed, our instructors will guide you through a variety of exercises designed to increase your strength, mobility, coordination, and balance.

Reformer Pilates Studio

B Active Reformer Pilates classes are designed to help build a strong body and strong mind. The smooth and flowing movements through low-impact, mindful exercises can help to increase strength, flexibility, posture, balance and stability. Unlike high intensity workouts that can put strain on your joints, Reformer Pilates is gentle on the body but can still get your heart pumping.


REFORMER INTRO is the perfect class for anyone who is experiencing Reformer Pilates for the first time or anyone who has spent some time away and would like to re-educate their knowledge of the Reformer Pilates bed and the correct techniques used.

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REFORMER allows you to learn the method using bodyweight training and different spring tensions on the Reformer Pilates bed to sculpt and tone your body. These mixed level exercises are delivered in a layered format, so that proper technique and skill level is catered for, to build the confidence to execute the movements safely and beneficially for the body.

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